How come you & Daddy don’t feed and bath Grandparents??

It was a long day at work today, so I gave her a bath when I got home…. I normally asked her when I am doing something for her…. For example, I gave her a bath and asked would you bath me & Daddy in the future, when we are getting old???

She answer YES and I will do everything for you & Daddy, when you get old in the future…. She asked me ” How come you & Daddy never feed & bath Grandparents? I have answered her that Mum & Dad will do this for grandparents, when they are getting old and they can’t do this by themselves……Hopefully she will keep the same thinking, when she grows up….. It’s very hard to PREDICT THE FUTURE….. BABY – PLEASE DON’T CHANGE…..We LOVE you so much….