Piano lesson

Secret of learning piano……………………😍😍

I am very admiring people playing piano well! I personally took a piano lesson every week for a year before, but I still couldn’t play it now…. I have managed to finish 2 piano basic learning books, but the piano teacher told me that I don’t have a passion when I am playing, it looks like I am typing a computer keyboard without putting a passion on it, therefore I quit the lesson after a year……..

My little girl is much better than me now though… She has a piano lesson nearly 2 years now, but she can’t play well, at least she knows the basic and recognize the note to practice in the week….. It’s piano lesson tonight again and she is looking forward to this…..I hope, she will be better than her Mum and playing well with passion later on….. Just wondering has anyone have a secret to learn and play piano quick and well!!!!!!!