Heart broken when leave home for work

life with kid and work

I am not sure how is everyone’s feeling when leave home for work, but it’s very hard for me every morning, my little princess was crying and want Mum at home since she was 2 years old, sometimes it may take me half an hour to say good bye to her before I can get into the car……………….. .Sometimes I have been asked myself, why we are always working???????? but the answer that I have straight away in my mind, that if we don’t go to work, who will pay the the mountain of bills for us………….

She has grown up now and she is 6.5 years old now, so she has different way to hold me back from work – She asked me ” Mummy, why are you always working? Can you stay at home with me tomorrow?” She knows the answer already, but still trying to ask me ……………………. Hopefully that I can stay at home with her forever in the future, but it will come to certain age that she won’t need me at more, whereas I will be at home alone that time……. I will ask her back ” Darling, why are you always working?”

Anyone has a strategy to leave home without tearing for work???????????????????????