Thursday 31st Jan 2019 – First day in grade 1

I can’t believe that she start grade 1 now…..she said.. Mummy, Grade 1 is very hard and there is a lot of hard work….Then I asked her…. why…. She said… there is hard thing to do and then playing…. It just made me laugh, when I hear this… I checked her school bag, but there is no work or homework at all…

Anyway, 2nd day at school and she wants to become a doctor or dentist, no-more gardener, because gardener is hard work that you have to water the flower and plant the flower…. A lot of hard work so she doesn’t want to do it…..

I told her that doctor or dentist is a lot hard work, but she thinks it’s simple job and don’t need to do much, however you have to do a lot of study, before you can have a relax job…………. She didn’t see behind the scene though.

Anyway, we all wish her not becoming a doctor or dentist…. just be a good girl… That’s enough for us….