Hearing problem (31/10/2018)

After being the mother, so I know the feeling of parenthood when you see something happen to your kid and you will try to do EVERYTHING FOR HER.

School teacher Sarah has emailed me on Wed 31st October 2018 that Dalena has a little hearing problem due to the test of mobile nurse, who comes to school and testing for the kids………. It maybe a problem, but she recommends to go to specialist to check to ensure that she is ok. I was kinda of horrify a bit, when I read this email, but I WAS CALM later on and google around for phone number of hearing test centre, so I can book a testing for her. The test will on be on Mon 12/11/2018. Hopefully that she will be ok.

She is our whole WORLD, therefore all of the love that we give her big like a whole world. Darling, you are our EVERYTHING AND WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH.