Daddy said “drink only 2 in a day”

I can’t believe that she is still remembering what her Daddy told her 2 year ago” To drink only 2 Yakult in a day”

We always try to take her to see her Dinosaur Grandmother every Sunday afternoon, so she can catches up and play with her Grandmother. She would be very sad and miss her grandmother if we don’t come for 2 weeks.

Grandmother always buy Yakult for her because she loves this since she is 1 year old. She wants to drink more but Daddy told her that only take 2 in a day. My Mum took her and Tina to see her Dinosaur Grandmother yesterday. Dalena had 2 and then Tina had 3, she was very upset and CRYING, because Tina has 3. Everyone thought that she wants more, therefore she was crying….. but that’s not TRUE.

She was crying and told everyone that her Daddy saying that ” ALLOW ONLY 2 IN A DAY” that’s the reason why she is UPSET……..

Darling, Mummy and Daddy LOVE YOU A LOT and thanks for remembering Daddy’s words…. There is nothing in this world make me HAPPIER THAN THIS….