August 2017 – August 2018

Darling, there is a bit change of you since August 2017 last year until this year. August last year that you were cry when I left the bedroom, and you ALWAYS want to say goodbye Mummy outside and you would cry if Dad didn’t let you go outside. Sometimes you got very upset, because Mummy didn’t say goodbye to you.

Times has flied and you become a big girl now, and I am scare that you will grow up so fast, and all of sweetest moment will disappear. Mummy would be very HURT if you ignore Mummy in the future. My world would be COLLAPSED IF YOU DON’T LOVE MUMMY ANYMORE…..

You have grown up and mature in a year time. You are very CALM when Mummy went to work. You would kiss and hug Mummy in bed and then you come back to sleep, which make your Daddy’s life is easier than before.

If you woke up without Mummy, you would be ok, otherwise last year, you would be very UPSET and CRY, also want Daddy to call your Mummy, I am not sure which way should I refer?