22/5/2018 – A bunch of roses still blossom until today

It was an amazing that flower still blossom until today. It looks beautiful at the dining table. The most important is our little princess very happy with it.

I haven’t seen our aunt 2 for a long time, therefore I came with Mum & Dad when they go to visit her. It was a big surprise for her when she sees me……….. Honestly that I really want to go visit her for couple time already, but I don’t know to get there by public transport. Anyway, the thought will put toward it, I don’t want to tell everyone that I want to go visit her or anything like that. I am kinda of humble person and don’t want to tell a lot of people what I am doing. The reason that I am visiting her, because I think that one day Tina & Jenna will come visit me and I am very happy if I see them…….. Anyway, the old people needs someone to care and thinking about them a bit. It seems that I am very traditional person and thinking toward to the future and trying to make everyone happy as much as I could.

Anyway, Dalena is at home and doesn’t want to come with me. I left a bow of vermicelli with soup for her to eat by herself and I am going with Mum & Dad. I am glad that she understands when I told her that I am going to visit aunt 2….. I left my phone at home with her and asked her to switch the phone off when she watches 2 more videos, and told her to keep her PROMISE that will switch off after 2 more videos. I am VERY GLAD that I got home and she told me that she watches only 1 and the switch off the phone……. WELL DONE DARLING….. YOU NEED TO KEEP THE PROMISE AND MOTIVATE YOURSELF………….It doesn’t matter how far you will go…. Mum and Dad always SUPPORT YOU AND LOVING YOU FOREVER…………