Easter Monday 9/4/2018 – I want to become a painter and ballet dancer

It’s Easter Monday and it’s a Public Holiday, we have Icecream at St George st McDonald on the way back from your Granny’s house. Your Daddy has Chocolate Sundae ice cream as usual, whereas both of us share the same Oreo ice cream…. We are very bonding and always share the same ice cream.

Suddenly our little princess said that she would like to become a painter and ballet dancer, which is very surprise for us. At least she has an idea what she wants to become in the future……………. Very proud of you darling….

After talking backward and forward, then she said that she wants become a painter and helping out with Dad & Mum project in the future……… It makes me teary though…. She always want to make her Dad & Mum happy….. Darling, we love you very much and you are our world and I am thank GOD that brought you to us and it’s the best present ever that we have in our life….. There’s nothing important than you and your happiness…. Mummy & Daddy are very respect with your choice in the future. Whatever you are happy with, no matter what.