9th Feb 2018 – 3rd day at school

My little princess has survived first 2 days at school already. Today is her third day. She woke up in the morning, dress herself with school uniform, take lunch box from the fridge and then brush her teeth. I am glad that she has managed this well in the morning. She has put herself in the school routine and it makes easily for my parents or her grandparents drop her off at school.

She woke up and get ready in 10 minutes before leaving home. It’s very good for 5 years old kid to manage herself to get out the house within 10 minutes.

It’s a bit emotion today when she comes to the class, because she feels a bit lonely due to Tina doesn’t play with her much. We try to teach her independent, but it’s very hard, she always follow Tina around. She was a bit upset in the morning, because her cousin doesn’t play with her much.

Teacher hold her hand and took her to the class….. I tried to step back a bit to leave her a bit of self confident, because I won’t be with her after today. I won’t stand in front of the class all the time. Also, I won’t be in the playground with her after today. I will be at work ………………….This feeling moment is killing me, because if I MANAGE MY LIFE WELL… I WON’T BE STUCK AT WORK ANYMORE and be around with her all the time…….. I was crying inside when I step out of the classroom.

The teacher was a bit upset because I ALWAYS THERE…. She told me that you need to leave her here, otherwise she won’t be independent……………..See, there is no parent around here, there’s only you… You should go shopping, coffee or home instead of waiting here….. but the moment of waiting was PRECIOUS AND I LOVE EVERY SINGLE MOMENT OF THIS….. No-one understand my daughter as me, because it takes her very long time to make friends, she has my GENE, therefore I need to be her side, so she knows that I am always beside her, no matter what!!!!!!!

I watched her from the school gate when break-time instead of going inside…. She was happy running around with Tina at beginning and then Tina ran away…. She stood there and lost a bit …. Then trying to play with the other friend……..Darling, Mummy LOVES you a lot and I AM VERY PROUD OF YOU DARLING, EVEN YOU HAVEN’T ACHIEVED ANY AWARDS IN YOUR LIFE YET……but to us that you are THE BEST AND EVERYTHING ………………………………

Stood from outside school gate to watch her again, she is kinda of lost a bit and trying to play with other kids…..

The funny thing is when the bell ring, Tina, Dalena and her friends run around and couldn’t find the classroom for line up, because they come out different door and get into the classroom different door……….. Running around to look for it, the innocent face and worrying face expression, which makes my day full of love.

I am very happy with first 3 days at school time that I have spent with her. There’s no money in this world can buy OR CREATE this MEMORY…. People thinks that I am crazy, but I want the best for my little princess and my EVERYTHING IN THIS WORLD………………