7/2/2018 – 1ST DAY AT SCHOOL – PREP

Darling, you start a new adventure in your life that school start today. You are in Prep and start the school journey from now on.

Mummy took 3 days from work to be with you at school….. Everyone was surprised with your Mummy’s decision….. Mum thinks that you need your Mummy the most at your new life adventure…… There are 3 Prep classes, but Mummy has requested the school such as teacher and spoke to principal and sending email to request for you to be in the same class with Tina….. I just want you to be happy and comfortable at the new environment. Finally both of you are in the same class.

The first 3 days of school are very important for you school life… Mummy was always at your side when you need me….. Mummy taught you how to make and pack lunch… get ready for next morning…….

Mummy & Daddy took you to the class at first day……There is a lot of EMOTION when we see you put on school uniform…….You are such a big girl now and ready for new adventure in your life…. After you have settled in the class and teachers requested parents to leave the classroom……

Mo 4 and Daddy left the school, Mummy came to office for giving a copy of working with children card,so I can be in the class with you.

The teacher needs to settle the class in the first day, therefore Mummy doesn’t want to interrupt the class, and sitting at the school yard to wait for her little princess to get out at playground. Mummy was very happy when her princess is happy to see her. Tina played with her friends, therefore you are about to cry, because she doesn’t play with you…… Trying to get Tina to play with you but it doesn’t work out. but you are very happy because at your side and playing with you……At least Mummy can bring a bit happiness and smile on your face…… Mummy was sitting there all day at school and wait for you….. The temperature was 35 degrees and very happy to wait you darling…..