5th birthday 27/12/2017

Darling, 5 years has passed peacefully and you are 5 years old today. I can’t believe that you brought so much joy and happiness to our little family. You are everything to me and your Daddy. You are our little PRINCESS….

We never celebrate birthday at daycare for you before, but this year would be the last year at daycare, therefore we would like to leave you some memories at the daycare before you left for new adventure in your life. The date you graduated last week, I was cried when I hear your name and you stepped out with graduation grown. I can’t imagine how much Mum would cry when you graduate from Grade 6, high school and then university (maybe. It doesn’t matter you will graduate from University or not in the future. You are STILL ALWAYS EVERYTHING TO ME AND YOUR DADDY………………………….

There’s a lot of memories for 2 years since December 2015 – December 2017 at daycare. The first day was around at the end of December. Daddy & I took you to first day at daycare. You were very happy with playground and we did take a couple of picture together.

After a year later, 2017…. you are not ENJOY at daycare anymore, because you don’t have much friends and your friend Ivy has left for Prep and you are still at daycare. Even Tina is always coming with you, but she has a lot of friend and very socially, therefore you are not happy. You START TO CRY WHEN ONG, NOI AND DADDY drop you off on every Friday……

It’s hard broken and Mummy was very HURT INSIDE when hearing that you are crying and doesn’t want to be at daycare at anymore, even it’s ONLY once a week.

Mummy took a day off from work to stand next room to see what have you done? and why you don’t want to come anymore. Mum stood next door but you didn’t see Mum.
Darling, you don’t play with anyone and keep cleaning all of the mess the other kids made. Help the teacher to clean inside the room and tidy up everything inside the room. Then the kids start to play outside, you ALSO came out and clean outside the yard, such as put all of the bike,toys…… in order and tidy up the mess again…….After observing for a day, then Mum have decided to change to Thursday if you like it. You have been on Thursday section, but still not want to go, therefore Mum took a day off from work again to observe again to see if you are still CLEANING….

Still cleaning and helping the teacher to tidy up and stand around. It seems that you are very LONELY….. Mummy wishes that Mummy can jump out and give you a HUG, but would like to observe more to see what activities that you do in the day. Tina ALWAYS play with someone and you HAVE MY GENES, which like Mummy. Mummy never play with anyone and hardly to have many friends at Primary School, High School, University and post-graduate studies. Darling, please always REMEMBER THAT YOU ALWAYS HAVING MUMMY AND DADDY AS YOUR BEST FRIEND….

After this day, Mum have checked with daycare again to see what date has activity, so Wednesday has Magic Jenny, which is dancing, so change to Wednesday. If Wednesday doesn’t work out, we may change daycare for you. WE JUST WANT YOU ALWAYS HAPPY AND DON’T WANT TO SEE YOU MISERABLE LIKE THAT.

Luckily Wednesday have worked out and you START TO HAPPY AGAIN…………….
You are very enjoy and like MAGIC JENNY and start to like to come to daycare again, but you are NOT HAPPY when Magic Jenny is not coming during school holiday for 2 weeks.



Daddy & Mummy dropped you off at daycare in the morning and notify your teachers that we will bring a birthday cake in the afternoon for your birthday. We left you at daycare and look around for FROZEN ELSA BIRTHDAY Cake but none-of the shop has Frozen birthday cake….. We planned to surprise you this year that will order the birthday cake at Queen CUPCAKE with Barbie that you always want.
We have being there twice…. The first time that they close due to Public Holiday, the 2nd time that they need 3 working days to make the cake, whereas it’s not enough time and Mummy trying to ask them to do me a favor but they said that they can’t do it….. Mummy was very sad when holding the Barbie doll back to Queen CUPCAKE can’t do a SPECIAL BIRTHDAY cake for my little princess………………

Darling, you really like the Pony doll, it costs $149 but you really want it, therefore we did buy for you after we have MY GOLF CAMPAIGN— The campaign was good and they took a lot of your picture with Tina and friends…. It’s a good experience for you though….

After GOLD CAMPAIGN and Cau 4 took us to Highpoint shopping Centre. MY PONY doll is on sale for $129 so Mummy bought it for you. You have agreed that it would be your birthday present and Xmas present… You were very happy and open it when we get home…………………….

WHEREAS THE LITTLE PRINCESS wants a present and you know that Mummy and Daddy won’t buy a new present again, therefore you want Mummy and Daddy to WRAP THE OLD PRESENT TO BRING WITH US WHEN WE BRING A BIRTHDAY CAKE TO DAYCARE…..Daddy & Mummy nearly ran out to buy a NEW PRESENT FOR YOU TO WRAP IT but we would like to know that you know the VALUE Of money and you have so many toys and presents already, such as from Mo 4, Ngoai Eva……. therefore you need to learn the lesson that need to VALUE AND CHERISH everything that you have… If you open it and it won’t be like BRAND NEW………………YOU NEED TO KEEP AND CHERISH EVERYTHING DARLING….

Daddy got a big bag and put the Pony in and seal the bag…….. you have whispered in my ear that “Mummy is the Pony inside” I said YES DARLING….

After singing birthday song and you cut the cake and open your present…. All of you friends came to you and touching the Pony… THEY ALL LOVE IT AND WANT TO TOUCH… Because it was too expensive and none of them having kid, whereas they see it at the shop only. You look a bit happy and cheer up because everyone wants it too, but they never have it…………..

Tina spoke in our language ” It’s old toy though, where is the new one?” Mummy said .. quiet………. Feel a bit sorry for at that moment darling……. but you have to learn the value of the money, because everyone has given you the present already, but you open all of them, therefore there’s no NEW ONE TO OPEN..NOT BECAUSE OF MUMMY & DADDY STINGY.But both of us want you to cherish the VALUE OF LIFE…… Hopefully you learn from this… and it’s one of the MEMORY THAT MUM AND DAD will remember forever……….. YOU ARE OUR WORLD AND EVERYTHING…..NOTHING IN THIS WORLD IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOU…….DADDY AND MUMMY WILL DO EVERYTHING TO MAKE YOU HAPPY AND ALWAYS BY YOUR SIDE FOREVER.

But we still take you to shopping centre after pick you up from daycare, because we feel sorry for you, therefore my LITTLE PRINCESS still buying some toys at the shopping centre for her BIRTHDAY….. LOVE YOU DARLING……………