Good night Princess Mummy

“Good night Princess Mummy” It’s the word that she said to melt my heart……I am not sure where does she get that word from…….

I told her that I am tired and she told me ” Mummy, please sleep otherwise you will wake up late tomorrow morning for work” It’s so sweet of her though…. I wish her caring will be with her forever and won’t be change when she becomes teenage….. She is ALWAYS MY LITTLE BABY….. MUMMY always love you and be with you in your life journey ……

I feel that I am very happy today, I am not sure because of her sweet last night or not… I feel this is the BEST time of my life and somehow that I am very happy and don’t know why I am so happy…. There’s no good news though…. Everything is the same, but I am not sure why I am very happy though….

Probably my baby is my NEW WHOLE AND it makes everything is PERFECT ME now. Thanks darling for bring happiness and happy mood to my life……