Hundred kisses for Mummy in the morning (29/8/2017)

It has melted my heart, and I am nearly staying at home without leaving home for work in the morning. My little baby was crying and hugging me and keep kissing me with the big kiss. It’s like 10 kisses every single she kissed me. It made me question myself, what is the goal of our life? Why we ALWAYS go to work and what are we looking for for??????

She keep holding me and giving a big kiss, it likes hundred kisses already, but she still want to give me more kisses. Then she said ” Mummy, I will take you to work?” with her teary voice…………………………

It seems that I haven’t planned my financial well,therefore I still work for living….. WHAT’S A LIFE?? I wish that I have enough money to live, and I don’t have to say goodbye to my little darling every morning!

It’s the best time in my life now, that she ALWAYS want me, and I would like to try my best to keep this BONDING FOREVER………..

I need to find the way to spend more time with her in the future…………

Love you…..