Thursday 17/8/2017 – Cheer her up by taking her to shopping centre

It was a raining day and the rain has stopped, and we caught the bus to Northland Shopping Centre, She is very sick and trying to cheer up, also, she wants to eat kebab, therefore I will get some toys and food for her.

We were waiting for 10 minutes at bus stop and it was very windy…. so I tried to cover her to stop the wind to get through to her, she was warm later.
She was very excited on the bus. Heavy rain was pouring while we are on the bus.

Bus has arrived at Shopping and raining, so I carry her and she is holding the umbrella, she keeps looking at me and I can her the LOVE that my little angel is giving me, which makes me don’t feel tired, and carry out around shopping centre.

Trying to convince my baby to buy more toy, but she wants to buy only 1 toy and then want to leave that shop. She may have my gene, which is not greedy and sometimes enough is enough……..

Love you baby and YOU ARE MY WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!