Lost 2kg due to Sick from 12/8/2017 -20/8/2017

My little darling is sick from 12/8/2017 – 20/8/2017! It’s very hard when your little baby is sick.

My heart is melt when she is sick and couldn’t eat for 8 days, she has temperature and then shivering, it seems she has cold and flu and her mouth has ulcer everywhere, therefore she couldn’t eat or drink for 8 days.

We took her to see the doctor on 12/8/2017, and they gave her antibiotics and Panadol, she like to drink antibiotics but not Panadol, so it’s very hard to give Panadol.

She had only 1 can of coke since Saturday 12/8/2017 until 14/8/2017, we tried to give her favorite food, but she doesn’t want to eat or drink anything, even water, therefore we let her drink coke. It has break my heart when seeing her lying there…………………

She ate a bit of congee on Monday afternoon 14/8/2017, then didn’t eat anything on Tuesday until Wednesday, it was a small can of sprite since 15/8/2017 – 16/8/2017.

The antibiotic has finished but she is still not feeling better. We end up took her to the hospital. It was a long waiting and it’s worth it. They gave her some type of gel to apply on her mouth to help relieve the ulcer and numb it, so she doesn’t feel hurt when she eats or drinks food. She doesn’t like lemon hydrolyze icy pole, but she still finished it.

Her favorite food is kebab, therefore we got her a mixed kebab, and she ate a bit, which make us relieve. Her mouth still hurt, but at least she still can eat and drink a bit of food.

She has lost 2kg since 8 days of sickness. Poor little baby……………….
As a parent, we just want our kid to be HEALTHY AND HAPPY!