First Piano Lesson (11/8/2017)

Tonight is the first piano trial lesson to see whether she likes it or not!

It was amazed that she likes it and very enjoy, I never think that she would like or enjoy it, therefore we would like her to have a trial lesson, before we make decision to go ahead with piano or not!

I like piano very much when I was a kid, but our family is too poor, and my parents can’t afford to give the lesson, therefore I really admire people to play piano, therefore I would like my little girl to have what I don’t have in my childhood.

I did take a lesson once a week for a year around 10 years ago, but I played piano like typing the keyboard, therefore the teacher told me to put the passion in to play the music. I can’t play it before but I forgot it now.

After Piano lesson, I took violin lesson. I really admire the girl who played violin, it looks very elegant, when the girl playing violin, end up it wasn’t good for me and then I quit. I know that I don’t have music skill or talent.

Darling, I hope you will enjoy piano like tonight! You are everything to us!
Your happiness is our happiness.


Mum & Dad