“Why don’t we go to eat Mummy & Daddy”

Everyday has different story to tell about my little princess. This memory will be with us forever and hope she will cherish it when she grows up.

We are heading to Whitsunday tomorrow (2/8/2017), therefore we have changed the daycare from Wednesday to Monday (31/7/2017). We normally pick her up from daycare and taking her to Timezone and then dinner, however we don’t have enough time today, due to her Daddy working, therefore we went straight home instead of having dinner. She was crying on the car without saying anything….. We couldn’t figure it out why she is crying! Because we have redeem some Timezone point to get some toys for her already.

She was crying more louder and saying that she wants kebab, but didn’t say that she is HUNGRY….. She was kissed my Daddy and saying good bye, when she gets off the car………

I was frying the egg then feeding her the meal of rice and egg. She LOVES it….

After dinner and have a quick chat to see why she was crying on the car and she said ” Mummy, I was HUNGRY, therefore I was crying” It broke my heart though. Then she said ” SORRY” gave Mummy a big KISS. Life is beautiful with the litTle princess. She is everything to us and nothing in this world is worth than her. My EVERYTHING IN MY LIFE…