She pretends that she is going to work last night

I never imagine that one day in life that I would love this little baby like this, she has melted my heart and she is my new whole world.

I got home from work last night and hanged my bag at the wall, then she took my bag and put the phone into my bag and saying ” Bye, Mummy, I am going to work now” She closed the door and then come back in second….. then saying… Hi Mummy, I am back already, the boss has paid me money, so I buy some toys for you, here’s the toy for you” It’s so cute and it’s the way that I normally saying to her that the boss doesn’t pay me yet, so I can’t buy toys for you today. It makes me laugh and it’s reflected of me every morning……

She told me that ” Mummy, you have worked so much, and please stay at home with me, I won’t be cry when you are at home, I will play with you and SMILE” It breaks my HEART though…. I wish that I have managed my finance well in the past, so I don’t need to work now, and I can spend time with her every day!

life is not ALWAYS PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!